I was born in Oklahoma in 1975.

I studied art history, photography, history, and German at the University of Oklahoma. I was senior printer for the photo archives at the University's Western History Collections for two years during that time.

After college, I did a six month internship for Aperture at the Paul Strand Archive in Millerton, New York. Michael Hoffman, Aperture's Executive Director, offered me a job at the end of the internship assisting at the Paul Strand Archive and assembling exhibitions of the photographs that would tour when Aperture published a book. I did this for about two years, working under Anthony Montoya, the Archive's Director.

I left Aperture for a job at Crozier Fine Arts in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. I was the junior employee in the International Department, where we imported and exported artwork for museums, galleries, and collectors around the world. Eighteen months after starting at Crozier Fine Arts, I was promoted to Manager of the International Department. We were moving hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of artwork each year.

After about four years of this, I quit the business and moved to the West Coast, where I spent one year in Olympia, Washington and five years in Los Angeles, before settling outside of Bellingham, Washington, where I’ve been since 2009. While I was living in Los Angeles, I got my master's degree in education and taught in South Central. Now I teach out on Whidbey Island.